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Reevaluating The Widget

October 6, 2008


Widgets are fun. Period.

That was my opinion when I first discovered that widgets like ‘noughts and crosses’ games and ‘cartoon of the day’ could be peppered across a website or blog to liven things up.

From then to the present, I have added informative, useful, adaptable and a host of other really nice adjectives to one of my favorite parts of Web 2.0- widgets. There is simply nothing that cannot be done with the right widget in hand or rather, on your site.

One of my favorite widget-loving blogs, Snipperoo has this really great post about some common misconceptions about widgets.

I don’t need to be a website design professional to add rich media applications like widgets and neither do I need to be a whiz at web development to implement them. All I need to do is customize a widget of my choice and voila, I have something on my blog or website that will not only add value to user-experience but to my business/service as well!

For instance, we decided to add this snazzy corkboard widget from Rock You! on one of our blogs. A couple of photos, sticky notes and funny graphics was all it took to give readers on this business blog a glimpse of the online shopping portal attached to the website it was talking about.

The returns and site visits it helped bring in- in terms of Dubai internet marketing was immediately noticeable.

Cosmos Star Consultants stuck to a minimalistic blog, with the focus on content (as any good blog ought to do). The various widgets added in were more than just icing on the cake- they had a purpose, viz. promoting the products and services.

Smart web marketing service, what say?

Image credit: Flickr

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  1. November 6, 2008 2:39 am

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    I hope you enjoy it!

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