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The Dreaded 404 Error – Make Your Users & Search Engines Love It

November 10, 2008

A 404 error page is something you should avoid having on your website if you are an entrepreneur looking for higher search engine placement. They could be a step back in the efforts made by your Dubai SEO experts and are more likely than not, prevent your site from being indexed. Love Your 404 Error Pages

In plain speak, a 404 DNS error or a File Not Found error is what the server spits out when someone types in a non-existing URL on your website or if the page in question is under construction and is hence unavailable. A page or two that give out such errors on your website can be tolerable for most users. Search engines on the other hand, don’t like them.

Known to affect the visibility of a particular website in SERP’s, a File Not Found error can be turned to your website’s advantage with customized pages that cloak the error though.

A stand-by page called a 404.htm page is an excellent way to get past the 404 error and can benefit your search engine optimization in Dubai efforts enormously. Have a look at the File Not Found error pages put up on Smashing Magazine and you will get a better idea.

These stand-by pages not only provide the user to your website something to chuckle/think/learn about, but also encourage the search engine to include the page as relevant to the website and hence index-worthy.

Absolutely do not tell your website design company to create a 404 error page that is an exact copy of your homepage- its not going to win your website any popularity points in search engines. Encourage user-friendliness and accessibility- after all that’s the main aim of any website.

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