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SEO And Anchor Text Optimization

November 14, 2008


Much of the talk concerning content writing and Dubai SEO services revolves around the importance of relevant keywords and the use of different meta elements. Regardless of anchor text optimization being an important a part of the optimization process, it is overlooked more often than not. 

Text Anchor text refers to the text that is hyperlinked in a web page’s content. Its appearance is of a normally written word, but it has an URL embedded in it. The main idea is to provide a link to the reader without including long-drawn web addresses. Concise and precise, that’s what an anchor text is. 

The purpose of the SEO in Dubai is met when the web content writer includes anchor texts that are as relevant as the keywords that have to be implemented for SEO services in Dubai. On this blogsite, you will notice that each post is interspersed with anchor texts that also serve the purpose of relevant keywords. 

Applying such a Dubai online marketing and SEO technique can prove to be very useful. Google and other search engines consider the controlled inclusion of relevant anchor text as a point in favor of a website when awarding it with high page rank in SERP’s. 

Get to know more about how Cosmos Star Consultants uses concepts like relevant keywords, informative website content and anchor text for creating websites that have achieved higher search engine positioning.

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  1. November 14, 2008 6:28 am

    It is in the best interest of a Search engine marketing company to index as many sites as possible, as often as possible, and to have a ranking mechanism that will provide accurate results for key word searches on those web sites.

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