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Standards, Trademarks And Online Marketing – Are We In Threat Of Extinction?

November 19, 2008

Two incidents that were highlighted prominently earlier in the year in search engine optimization in Dubai had SEO experts in Dubai and online marketing professionals contemplating this question.

The first instance I’m referring to is the stand the U.K. took against unfair sales and marketing practices. Conscientious consumers would breathe a sigh of relief but then what kind of Dubai internet marketing and advertising would they be exposed to? Are we in threat of Extinction?

Because, as it happens in most cases to do with the web, blogs too are included in this law which states it a crime to promote a product on a blog in the U.K. Talk about ringing the death knell of online marketing and website promotion in the U.K.

The second incident that got me perplexed was the struggle by one Jason Gambert, an internet marketer, to trademark the term SEO. According to him SEO is, “Search Engine Optimization, Hosting, Web designing, Software, Hosting, Domain Name, Software Development, All Computer Related Development and Marketing plus what is listed; Computer Software, Computer Hardware, “SEO” Letters to be trademarked in all Computer related areas.”

The implications of Gambert’s win would be absolutely hazardous for SEO in U.A.E. with him being in the position to send a cease and desist to anyone inserting the term SEO in their online domains. The only way Gambert could have been ceased and desisted from doing this is by putting in an objection notice to the TMO (Trademark Office) explaining why SEO is not only a process as stated by him, but also a service.

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