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The Profit In Consumer-Generated Media

November 20, 2008


Possibly one of the best things to happen to online marketing in Dubai, consumer-generated media (CGM) or user generated content (UGC) has taken a strong hold of those making a living on the internet and off it.

Also going around by monikers like Online Consumer Word-of-mouth and Online Consumer Buzz, ClickZ, the people who have helped standardize the concept, believe CGM promises a 30 percent annual growth. Consumers

This brilliant aspect of internet marketing in Dubai finds a voice in everything from web blogs to discussion boards and review sites and more recently, video blogs and podcasts. It is solely dependent on the end-user or the consumer, the group that a professional online marketing company constantly strives to influence.

Since consumers do all the reviewing, ranting, rating or just about plain raving about a product or service, it is one of the most viable and lucrative forms of online marketing. The only drawback of such media is the lack of control a professional online marketing company has over the consumers which is good in a way as it keeps the user’s opinion unbiased.

For great CGM, internet marketers have to look for demographics, internet marketing in U.A.E. techniques and mind-sets that will provide them the best ROI. It all boils down to market-intensive research and delivering web content that is absolutely captivating.

The trick lies in how to influence the consumer subtly, which Cosmos Star Consultants is well aware of and has successfully experimented with. 

Image Courtesy: Flickr

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