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UAE Retailers Need to Embrace the Internet Marketing in Dubai

February 17, 2009


 Today as I was reading the many commentaries that people in Dubai religiously express and converse about, I came across United Blogging Emirates. An interesting blog commenting about Dubai’s changing times, the writer sent out a plea to merchants and businesses in Dubai which they might do very well to heed. 

To quote them:

“Retailers cannot expect customers with bulging wallets to purchase without thinking twice (which may have been the case in the past), they need selling techniques that reflect the state of the economy in normal times, not in exceptional boom times (such as the past 5 years). “ 

They exhort merchants use a very simple online marketing solution like blogging to widen their reach. Mannequins

It is interesting to note the number of independent bloggers in Dubai and the robust community they have built up over the years. A few of them are banned, and a lot many offer tongue-in-cheek insights on daily life and business in Dubai. 

While our SEO company in Dubai does get clients in need of a good web marketing service to take care of their online audience, the number of web-savvy merchants is till low. 

Retailers, regardless of what you may see and read about the big-bad-internet world, there is no better or more powerful medium to advertise your business in this day and age than search engine optimization in Dubai.

Leave out overdone flash gimmicks, hire a professional online marketing company to captivate your online visitors and increase sales. 

Image by Serge Fenenko 

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