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Converting Rants To Raves via Smart SEO in Dubai

March 10, 2009

As I was searching for a particular doom-prophet article on Dubai’s economic state that I read some days back, I came across this surprising search result: 


Yes, that’s right. The Cosmos Star Consultants blog ranks fifth for the keyword “Dubai Rant” (thanks to the post I had written about commenting etiquette)! 

While this is not something to be proud about, it could very well turn out to be of use for us as well as Dubai. 

Firstly, the blog post that features in this search result is actually our opinions upon dealing with controversial commentators. Very few webmasters and blog owners do manage to keep their comment sections rational and far from the clutches of trolls. 

Secondly, our online marketing company in UAE does not contain any rant per se about Dubai. Nearly all our content on Dubai is proactive and open-minded. We are definitely spreading the love! 

Thirdly, people who rant about Dubai and stumble upon our post will be directed to the article we are discussing there and hopefully, will take a few tips from the way debates are carried out on the internet. 

And fourthly, just as how any publicity is good publicity, so is any sort of help in spreading the word is good help for Dubai. 

What do you think? Have you come across any such opportunities to convert rants about your business and brand into raves in your pursuit of higher search engine placement? Our search engine promotion service sure would love to know. 

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