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March 12, 2009


Aseem Kishore of once wrote an incredible guest post on ProBlogger which I simply cant stop thinking about. He let out a startling PoV when he stated that one of the reasons his blog met with tremendous success was “because it mimics many of the traits of other successful bloggers”.

Now, one of the first things that came to my mind when I read this was wow, this person is actually talking about plagiarism! As I read on, (as you should do as well) I realized just how far from the truth I actually was.

muse:starlightOne of the most covered topics on the Dubaian blogosphere today is about the real estate sector. Some other common topics would be finance, women’s rights, the government and public transport. There is a lot of intermingling of ideas and opinions, sometimes at the risk of originality.

In such a competitive world, I have found that writing a blog on topics like Dubai online marketing and web development are nothing short of a Herculean effort. Our SEO company in UAE’s blog started out primarily as a business blog, and till date stays true to this form.

While it is impossible to ignore the viewpoints of others in the business, content copying is simply a desperate attempt to get higher leads and is something which our search engine promotion service frowns upon.

Embracing new skills and incorporating revolutionary point-of-views while maintaining the brand image of a business can be daunting for a web marketing service blog. 

Understand the way the audience and the market think and identify communication gaps. Fill them in an un-hindered, original manner and keep this one of the core aims of your business blog.

Image Credit: visualpanic

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