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A Good Day for our SEO Company in UAE

March 13, 2009

As I was checking the stats data for this blog, I happened to notice the keywords that site visitors use to find us. Imagine my excitement when I noticed the keyword that is in this blog’s URL listed! 

That’s right, online marketing Dubai is one of the keywords we have optimized on our website and blogs to get higher search engine positioning. Think number 1 on the most widely used search engine- Google. 

Go on, type in online marketing in Dubai in your Google search bar and share in our joy. 


There are many SEO services in Dubai (and even UAE for that matter), working diligently to get a higher search engine placement for the web pages, blogs and domains they are promoting. To hold the topmost rank is no mean feat and is infinitely more competitive than you could imagine. 

How did we manage this? 

  1. We have a fantastic team of experienced SEO experts in Dubai who are very analytical in their search engine optimization work.
  2. With content writing professionals, who contribute immensely to research and creating original content (the kind that search engines love to link to).
  3. With online marketing professionals who are veterans at the job and who interpret search engine optimization in Dubai (SMS marketing in Dubai, social bookmarking, online PR, social media, etc.) in an innovative manner. 

Of course, more factors have aided us in our rise to realizing such an important success but it is impossible to list them all. 

Instead, we shall add in one vital element that has contributed more than anything else- our diverse client portfolio. While we are by no means a jack of all trades and master of none, thanks to a focused effort from the above listed factors, we manage to get a thorough grasp of each client who requests our SEO services in UAE

Do let us know if we have touched your life or business in any way. Cosmos Star Consultants would love to feature your story here. 


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