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Email Marketing in Dubai – Is it Still Around?

March 25, 2009

When post offices were still wildly popular, postcards and telegraphs were important tools people used to stay in touch. Today, the internet functions as the modern post office and emails are fast on their way out. 

At least statistics say so. 

Besides personal correspondence, people use emails for a wide spectrum of daily activities, Dubai email marketing being one of them. A business can send out its latest products in an email, invite customers to supply their opinions on past products and announce special offers without losing too much sweat and resources. post-box

These Dubai internet marketing activities are being carried out in some form or another daily, but are yet facing stiff competition from other promotion techniques. Nielson Online recently found blogs and social networks outpacing email marketing in the US. 

While it is difficult to ascertain just how much of this information can be applied to UAE email marketing trends, there is one truth that needs to be heeded. Companies can no longer afford to stick to a limiting or solitary online marketing solution

Explore. If you, your assistant or marketing department cannot, then hire a competent SEO company in Dubai that can yield marketing ideas that go beyond email marketing in Dubai

Currently banner advertising in Dubai is facing resurgence, as is adaptation of social media marketing concepts like micro blogging (Twitter), wikis, forums and networking (LinkedIn).

Dubai email marketing is still effective- a surprising number of people do love seeing a good deal on their object of desire in their inbox. Do not limit your business promotion to emails though. 

Ask our professional online marketing company for a diversification plan for web marketing. 


Image Credit: DanieVDM

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