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A Good Web Marketing Service & Women who Mean Business

April 1, 2009

In a much-appreciated move, the Dubai court appointed its first female judge on March 26, 2009 breaking free of years of hopelessness for women aspiring to such seats and professions. 

In the West, women may be taking over businesses with long strides and news like these is small fry. Slowly yet steadily though, the UAE (Dubai in particular) is granting the fairer gender the advantage to enter newer roles and professions. 

In the US, women are in control of more than 50 percent of businesses, and it is believed that 48 percent of British wealth lies in the hands of women in the UK

These are Western statistics however and not of much use for Dubai internet marketing. In the UAE, there is another type of business-savvy woman emerging- the type who reaches out to the world through mediums like blogs, personal websites, social communities, etc. 

Grace is a good example. Japanese by nationality and currently a resident of Dubai, her blog Sandier Pastures provides a refreshing panorama of the city-state. Her reader community is robust and she occasionally dedicates a post or two to independent sellers and Etsy retailers (her giveaways are fantastic!). 

In case women are unsure of what they exactly require from the web or from their products, a good web marketing service is usually the best way to get things done. Women-Entrepreneurs

Our professional online marketing company handles independent women entrepreneurs as well as women looking for an audience and exposure of their website/blogs. We can help you get your web space achieve higher search engine positioning with our innovative web solutions. 

Image Credit: nationalrural 

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