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Spread your products to your customers through messages.

July 15, 2009

What is the first thing that you do the moment SMS alert pings on your cell phone? Read, isn’t it? Be it curiosity to know what is in the message or who has sent, the end result is that you have read something, grasped it and also responded to it.

Advertising of brands and spreading of messages to customers cannot get easier than this. SMS marketing has made it all simple for businesses. The major area where this tool is used is the leisure, entertainment, travel, and recently even in real estate sector. With the United Arab Emirates especially Dubai focusing on these areas, this tool is a must use for the emiratian companies.

About sometime ago no one had a clue of using SMSes as a marketing tool, which helps in successfully marketing your products without drilling a hole into your pockets. For those who want to cross that extra-mile and maintain their customers without being too heavy on one’s budget sms marketing is the answer. More than 80% of the cell phone users carry their cell phones with them. Around 94% of mobile users read their messages. It doesn’t take more than a minute to read an SMS and respond. Everything from new announcements to store openings can be conveyed to customers through SMSing. Everybody whether at work or at leisure keeps their cell phones handy and makes it a point to read their messages. Response the companies will get via this online marketing tool is much higher. The main aim of the companies is to make their customers aware of their services, developments and if any other benefits the company will provide it’s customers with.

Online marketing Dubai is one of the best companies in UAE that offer this service.

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