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Marketing Locally

August 17, 2009

As a local business in Dubai you face competition even from global business.  Online marketing solutions such as e-mail marketing, social media optimization etc help generate awareness among your target masses. Availing these services increases your online presence, but it is a different thing to convert these potential customers to actual ones.

Attracting customers via e-mail marketing is not as easy as it seems. Heard the word spam? It is dreaded by everybody. Here are some tips that work well for making your e-mail marketing campaign a success:

  • Take customer’s permission to send them an e-mail regarding new offers, discounts and sales. This helps you get a favorable opinion for your services. Hence they will make it a point to read your mail.
  • Make your customers feel privileged by sending them customized mails. This will let them know the importance you provide them. It leaves a good impression on your services.
  • Keep the e-mail as informative as possible. The colours and layout of your e-mail matter a lot. Keep it pleasant and simple. Add some pictures or humor content
  • Remember that there are already many in the market coaxing your customers to buy the same products. Make your e-mail look as a tool you use to build your relations with customers. This will want them to avail your service.

If you have too much of work to focus on, you can contact a professional online marketing company for assistance.

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