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Online Advertising Taking the Lead

September 26, 2009

The current economic climate determines the kind of advertising your business should choose. You can advertise your products and services in many ways using traditional and non-traditional media. But more than publicity, businesses are currently looking for a high return on their advertising expenditure. Since traditional media are really expensive and not as efficient as the internet, many advertisers prefer putting their hopes on interactive online marketing in UAE.

It seems like traditional media, especially print publications are suffering the most due to the internet. Every year, more eyes turn to the WWW and fewer turn towards print media. The WWW has lead to a decline in the percentage of ads placed in publications and has also lead to lesser readership. In the Gulf, the print sector is still doing well compared to other nations around the world, but the online outlets are sure to dominate them sooner or later.

More than the WWW, traditional advertising has an even bigger problem to face i.e. digital marketing. Digital marketing is an umbrella term which includes SMS marketing, internet marketing, events and any other interactive channel of advertising. For those looking to generate direct business contact and tangible results in the form of ROI, digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to do it.

It is a fact that those companies who turned to internet marketing in Dubai during the recession have not only earned good ROI, but have also seen an improvement in customer acquisition. If you are looking to see the same kind of improvement with your businesses, contact a professional online marketing company like Cosmos Creatives in Dubai.

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