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Internet Marketing Reality

September 27, 2009

The WWW is the only medium that caters to the extensive global audience. According to the way the marketing industry rolls, marketers never let go of any opportunity. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of a medium that is inexpensive, interactive, appeals so much to consumers and that can be traced, measured as well as tested? Even in their dreams they wouldn’t.

Iran and the UAE have the widest access to the internet in the Middle East. (Latest report -Euromonitor)

Over the years, internet marketing in Dubai has been growing faster than any other medium. But that doesn’t mean that advertisers are embracing it increasingly.  People spend most of their time online. But it seems that this simple fact has still to be caught by the eye of the advertiser. We didn’t have to wait for a storm to realize the potential of the internet. But grievously we have to thank the recession period for enlightening us about the advantages of this cost-effective medium. Media consumption habits are shifting marvelously because of the recession, bringing positive points to online marketing. Even online advertising spends are flourishing. According to online marketing experts in Dubai, growing businesses will probably benefit the most through e-mail marketing. Online marketing is also likely to survive the recession and do better in comparison with other mediums. As communication never ceases, interaction on the internet will also never cease in spite of the recession.

Cosmos Creatives works hard to make sure our clients receive the highest possible Return on Investment through online marketing in Dubai. We also send our clients a report analysis of the performance of their website and their average ROI.

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