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Banner Advertising on the Rise

September 28, 2009

So what if New York Times didn’t do very well with their ‘scare-ware’ pop-ups? Banner advertising is much for you today than it ever was. But still it isn’t uncommon for you to think of creating an online marketing strategy without the use of banner advertising in Dubai. There may be different reasons leading to this decision. Maybe you feel that such advertising techniques work well only for large companies. Maybe your current SEO company in UAE or your own past experiences are leading you to invest only in SEM.

But it turns out that implementing this technique especially on a third party’s website is way easier and much more affordable. Many ad networks inform advertisers about the demographic and psychographic details of each website before advertisers make a bid. Therefore your banners will be displayed on those sites that charm your target group, where each click is likely to convert. In this way you will be targeting those people who were not actually searching for your company but are bound to be interested in what you have to offer.

Cosmos Creatives believe that banner ads are great when it comes to reminder and re-targeting campaigns. With banner ads, people are actually reinforced to reconsider the ad that they had seen previously. Such ads do not require much effort on the part of the consumer, as images attract people more than written content. Our internet marketing company in Dubai also believes that banner ads can help pull your target group away from your competitors in the nick of time.

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