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SMS Advertising: Good or Bad?

September 28, 2009
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Mobile phone users who had accepted SMS advertising as a disturbing nightmare are thinking again. Batelco a telecommunications company headquartered in Bahrain, indirectly put forth that it is the user himself who encourages unwanted advertising messages to their mobile phone by dropping their business cards and leaving their number wherever they have been. They also mentioned in their letter that companies utilizing SMS marketing services have their own database of phone numbers which they accommodate though different channels. (Source:

As SMS ads are considered annoying by the receiver, advertisers are often afraid to invest in the SMS form of advertising, in spite of knowing its exclusive benefits. But the fact remains that when you send an SMS, your message goes straight into the hands of your target audience. This means that your ad doesn’t have to wait to be seen. It automatically becomes part of the private life of an individual.

Large organizations are normally under the impression that a 10 second spot during a cricket match is highly effective. But the truth is, who knows whether these ads are targeting the right audience. If you compare the rates for SMS advertising and television advertising, SMS is much cheaper. It is effective, as it is read for sure by the right target audience. Thus SMS advertising has a lot of potential but needs to created and used correctly.

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