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“Welcome To Social Networking”

September 29, 2009

Being used by millions, social networking sites encourage people to communicate across the globe and share information. Some of the famous social networking sites around the world are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo,Hi5, XING, Orkut, Friendster, etc. These sites were primarily built with the attempt of fulfilling the need for socialization. Hence every person with a profile on any of these sites is on it for the purpose of making friends.

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As these websites started gaining popularity, web marketing services all over the world started taking the advantage of these social communities and networks for the purpose of promoting their ideas, products, services, etc. This is how social networking started becoming popular as an online marketing tool for business use all over the world including UAE.

We need to keep in mind that each social networking site is not the same. Each site has a different target audience. Therefore, before building an application on any of these sites, your SEO experts in Dubai should check the demographics and psychographics of the audiences using these sites. A blanket campaign on 2-3 sites rarely works well.

Take a look at the following user statistics by Rapleaf for MySpace.

63% female, 36% male

20% <18 yrs,  40% 18-25 yrs,  27% 26-35 yrs,  7% 36-45 yrs,  6% >45 yrs

2.4 major social networking sites used on average

15% are on Facebook, 2% are on LinkedIn, 9% are on Friendster, 6% are on Plaxo, 17% are on Hi5

The SEO experts at Cosmos Creatives our SEO company in Dubai, is aware of the user statistics of the social networking sites. They will be able to pick out those that will make perfect sense to your business.

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