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Subject Lines Matter

September 30, 2009

Apart from sending unsolicited e-mails to the target audience, the 2nd grave mistake marketers usually make is that of writing a subject line that has not been toned. Any good online marketer in UAE should be able to help you with this.

The following crucial aspects of the subject line, need to be kept in mind while using e-mail marketing in Dubai:

-Your subject line needs to meet a few marketing and advertising considerations. Certain spam words should not be used in the subject line. This helps your e-mail dodge spam filters.

-The subject line needs to be concise with important words that can give the reader an idea of what is in the e-mail.

-Also, try not to include the name of your company in it. Remember that the line needs to be more about the client and less about the company. Thus you need to use the readers name or even part of their address if possible. For example: Lucy, affordable homes in Dubai.

-Nobody opens their e-mails for ads. People expect to find only useful information in their mail. So don’t let your subject line sound like an advertisement from any angle. Therefore, e-mail marketing professionals need to focus on information that will help the consumer.

-E-mail marketing is the door you want your clients to step into. Therefore, if it is dull, consider your e-mail in the trash or spam folder.

Our online marketing service in UAE called Cosmos Creatives will be able to give proper time and attention to each and every element of your e-mail. We understand how essential this form of marketing is to you. Do visit us at: .

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