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What is Social Bookmarking?

September 30, 2009

Social bookmarking is a very simple concept. It allows users to bookmark those websites online, which they find interesting and useful. Millions of internet surfers use social bookmarking because unlike search engines, this technique is not artificial. Such bookmarks are organized informally. This is the reason why social bookmarking in Dubai has become one of the top online marketing solutions.

Many users are crazy after famous social bookmarking sites like, Jumptags, Digg and Bebo in order to store their favourite links online. Thus you can publicize your website mighty easily through this technique. All that has to be done is:

–Register on any of the bookmarking websites.

–Save the website link online under certain tags.

–With the help of the tags displayed, users of the social bookmarking site will be able to find what they are looking for.

–If the visitor likes the site that has been bookmarked, they can add it to their own list/become a follower of your website/vote it as a helpful bookmark/post comments.

Since users click on those links that have appealed to other users within the same community, this online marketing technique becomes more social and trustworthy. Unlike other techniques, social bookmarking helps a website gain genuine popularity. So whenever you feel the need to get social, our internet marketing experts at Cosmos Creatives (Dubai) will do the needful for you. We can figure out how to create a buzz about your company in the right communities.

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