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The Search Engine Rank

October 20, 2009

Search engine rank is the order in which the link to your website appears in the search engine results page. Search engine results are obtained only after typing a particular term on a search engine. Thus only if the surfer types the keywords or the combination of words that the SEO service experts in UEA have associated with your website, your webpage will be listed. And whichever page appears at the top of the 1st results page gets the number 1 search engine rank. A high search engine ranking is essential for higher search engine positioning. And a good ranking can only be obtained with the help of various SEO strategies.

The frequency and arrangement of the keywords in your website play an important role as search engines rank your website with the help of these keywords. Suppose your website is an online portal for wrist watches, you need to find out which keywords have a higher usage. You also need to include the main word ‘watch’ or ‘wristwatch’ frequently on your website. This makes your website more prone to getting picked up by the search engine as one of the 1st few listings. The websites URL also has to be toned according to the main keywords.

Our search engine optimizers in UAE will be dedicated to achieving a higher search engine placement for your website. We at Online Marketing Dubai assess everything that is required, like the target audience, the search engine tactics that work best, etc. to provide you with good results.

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