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A Shift in Ad Tactics this 2010

October 26, 2009

Would you believe that companies like Volkswagen and Xerox are re-thinking their internet marketing strategies? Believe it or not, major companies are realizing that more advertising expenditure doesn’t lead to more sales. In fact, where you decide to advertise makes the difference. Take a look at the world famous brand ‘Xerox’ for example.

Xerox received more than a million hits with the launch of its online promotional video in May, about a fake psychological disorder- Information Overload Syndrome. Their goal was to make people think of Xerox as an information management company rather than a brand that only prints and copies paper. This success was possible only through a video that generated buzz through social networking websites, blog sites, etc. According to Xerox, this lead to an increase in the search rate of the brand.

Thus you have your answer… Online videos have now become the top online marketing solution after social networking sites.

Here are the results of a survey performed by TurnHere, an online video company. The findings stated that 83.5% (a sizable majority of Fortune 500 companies) declared that video is an integral part of their online marketing efforts; while 16.5% of the companies have stated that this is not so for them. (Source:

Out of the majority:

57% are branded videos

40% use videos for product/service demo

37% for customer/employee testimonials

As online videos are stealing more internet marketing grounds today, it would be wise to invest in this form of online marketing in Dubai. So whenever you feel like making a slight shift in your ad tactics, contact Online Marketing Dubai by Cosmos Star Consultants.

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