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Banner Advertising in Dubai

November 22, 2009

Online advertising occupies 2nd place after television in the UK and in Asia. While online marketing in Dubai is also working well, it was not an easy medium to incorporate among the people. In the past, the publishers and creative geniuses had two tasks as part of working in the online industry. They not only provided services, but also promoted the internet as a medium. That was tough. Today, the good news is that billons surf the internet in their spare time and as a priority. People’s conviction and confidence in the internet gave marketers a reason to create various types of advertising on the WWW. One of the oldest forms of advertising that have survived through the years are banner ads.

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Banner ads turned 15 in the month of October 2009. The 1st banner ad ran on Of course there were many technical restrictions to this form of advertising in the old days. But today online marketing in UAE is a lot different. Banner advertising in Dubai did witness a phase where it also became unpopular. But it caught pace duly.

In recent times, banner ads have been regarded as digital advertising. Online marketing services in Dubai are compelled to use this web solution more creatively in future. Unlike the impression most advertisers have, banner advertising is not extinct or obsolete. Statistics also reveal that consumers recollect banner ads 20% more than television advertisements. It still remains one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to your business in Dubai.

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    Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

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