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Top 4 Web Marketing Misconceptions

November 23, 2009

If you think your website isn’t doing very well after 3 months of its launch, you might be prey to the common misunderstandings of online marketing/web marketing. Here is what the SEO experts in Dubai have to say about the following misconceptions:

  • Advertising on Google will increase my sites organic rankings: This is certainly not so. Pay Per Click and natural listings are 2 individual arenas and Google doesn’t mix the 2.
  • Many advertisements, more the conversion rate: Unfortunately this too is not true. People are ultimately becoming de-sensitized towards a clutter of advertisements on a page. If you place many ads on a single webpage, your visitors are bound to bounce back. A neat de-cluttered page can sustain visitors to a greater degree.
  • Using META tags will improve my sites rankings: Once upon a time, spammers abused META tags. Since then major search engines have not been paying any attention to META tags.
  • If I’m not ranked number 1 on SERP’s then my site is a failure: Everyone wants to be ranked number 1 on SERP’s. But this doesn’t mean that you have to measure the success/failure of your site depending upon your ranking. Even if you are always featured among the top 10, your rankings won’t convert to sales unless you’re absorbing the right visitors. The key to becoming successful is by concentrating on sales.

Online Marketing Dubai by Cosmos Star Consultants, are well versed with plenty of website marketing misconceptions. We provide simple but effective online marketing solutions for our clients.

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