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Mobile Advertising is the New BLACK

November 24, 2009

Mobile advertising is the latest highlight in the Dubai marketing industry. It seems to have become a part of off-line as well as online marketing in Dubai. Now a component of digital advertising, most advertisers prefer using text messages to draw the priceless attention of their customers. This is simply because of the dawn of targeted advertising through SMS marketing in Dubai.

With the help of targeted ads, the advertisers don’t need to disturb those who don’t want to be bothered by offers that mean nothing to them. In other words, the text message you receive is sent to you depending upon your needs and likes. This form of advertising has convinced the average retailers in Dubai too. Along with the traditional forms of offline advertising, retailers initially contained e-mail marketing as part of their strategy. They used it to keep in touch with the internet savvy consumer. But they have now realized that text messages are worth while or even better than e-mails to inform prospects instantly about offers.Many consumers also like being updated with information from their favourite shopping malls and stores.

SMS marketing has been predicted to becoming even more popular with app-vertising… Yes, you read it right. App-vertising or branded mobile applications are coming soon. With people starting to get hungrier for different mobile applications, app-vertising will be the next best trend in mobile advertising.

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