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What Can Get My Site Noticed?

November 25, 2009

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Search engines are really helpful especially when it comes to attracting customers to your site. As mentioned in my previous blog, the web marketing service called search engine optimization or SEO is highly important and the 1st step to a successful internet business. To back this point, I found some advice from a well-known marketing veteran Lee Williams who also says-

“Google is where most of your customers will start their online journey. Ensuring your website ranks well for your products and/or services is critical. Your first priority is therefore to ensure your site through search engine optimization (SEO).”

Now for other ways to get your site noticed.

Online directories are a great way to draw the attention of promising customers. Here they will already be on the look out for a store within their locality. When they see you fall in that bracket, you win!

Banner ads are another way to promote your trade (for a price). But be careful about how you use them. Therefore, gaining some knowledge about such advertising from internet marketing experts in Dubai is always a better bet. Similarly, Adwords and Pay Per Click also help.

Next up is social media. Facebook, Twitter and Linked In (specifically) can create more awareness about your brand and your online portal as well.

[Traditional online tools like e-mails and newsletters should not be abandoned.]

Online Marketing Dubai not only brings more traffic to websites, but also focuses on turning visitors into customers. Contact for our services.

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