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Advertising through Social Media

December 3, 2009

Nobody realizes how massive the internet has become. With different social media sites on the loose, the internet has become the best online marketing solution for e-commerce sites. The following facts that we found at supports this statement:

700,000 new members are added on to Facebook everyday and 45 million statuses are updated on a daily basis.

5 million Tweets are being posted per day, which according to the source are enough to fill the New York Times for 19 years!

Yes… Social media was popular in 2009 and will become much more popular as ad networks in 2010. It is time to realize all the potential of this trend and extract, learn and advertise in the right places on the right sites. Take for example a site like Stumbleupon. With its help you can reach a niche audience who will be interested in your site. The visitors here are segregated according to their gender, age, location, etc. Once they click on ‘Stumble’ they are exposed to many different webpage’s and matter that is of their taste. The only thing you need to ensure is that the content you have put up is appropriate for the audience you are waiting to grab or else you might get voted down.

Thus it makes good sense to place your ad budget in some good social media sites and also extract a wealth of data from the people using it. Contact our company Online Marketing Dubai for more ideas on online marketing solutions in UAE.

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