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Did You Advertise During The Recession?

December 24, 2009

According to research those companies that spent on advertising during the recession period are bound to enjoy higher visibility than the rest. It seems that many businesses in Dubai stopped advertising during the recession in order to save finances, while some others did shell out some amount for advertising through various media like print, radio and the internet. There were some who also spent solely on internet marketing in Dubai through SEO services, SMS marketing, etc.

The only logical explanation left after examining the 2 opposite situations is that, those who were visible to the eye of the audience will have to spend lesser on advertising in 2010. But those who did not do much in 2009 have to struggle against those who already created a space for themselves in the minds of consumers. Thus the trick is to continue advertising no matter what.

Opting for higher search engine positioning was one of the best ideas that many companies pulled up in 2009. Because online advertising is inexpensive and yielding as well, the services of online marketers in Dubai were employed on a large scale.

Creating a space for your brand in the minds of consumers is one of the most difficult things to do. So when you advertise and then take a break from it, you wouldn’t be encouraging people to remember you. Thus the visibility of your brand needs to be treated as an on – going process. This will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors in good and in hard times.

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