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The Idea of an Email Newsletter

December 24, 2009

E-mail newsletters have been part of the many online marketing tools we have been using for over years now. Some companies in Dubai have even stopped using them as they think that this style of advertising has exhausted. Well the truth of the matter is that newsletters are an idea so old that it has reached the point of becoming new all over again. Dubai email marketing services use newsletters till today as they think that this tool has got a whole lot of potential.

But before outsourcing the creation of newsletters to a Dubai internet marketing company, you need to have a good e-mail list of potential customers. That is the main difference between advertising through other methods online and sending newsletters through e- mails. There are many ways to advertise your website. But the newsletter stands out as it can deliver all the information your potential customer would like to know about your product or service in an interesting read. Coupled with relevant graphics a newsletter starts to look like a colorful, one page advertisement but it is actually filled with an important message that you want your target audience to know. Compared to other ways of marketing the newsletter also manages to give you a great response rate.

There is one more advantage when you use a newsletter… You can enclose in them little options like a friendly little button that says ‘share’. Thus your newsletter disseminates through word of mouth.

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