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Film Makers and the Internet

January 29, 2010

The internet has been used increasingly over the years. Many gates have been opened and many problems have been solved not because of the existence of the internet, but because of its popularity. Likewise, the film industry also has been doing pretty well because of this very phenomenon. The WWW breaks the barrier between films on the big screen and the masses. In this case, online marketing in UAE has been doing well for a long list of reasons.

Advancement in technology has made it so much easier for film makers. Today, viral videos can be placed online very easily without the requirement of skill. Short videos can be displayed for the world to see as YouTube has made this possible. Sites like HungryFlix have also opened up doors for independent film makers.

An online movie promotional strategy in UAE normally includes different web technologies like search engine optimization or SEO services in Dubai. Online Marketing Dubai also has the potential to create websites with great designs and rich content. Banner advertisements and social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc. are also used to promote films.

Ad spends on online marketing are on the rise and are expected to grow considerably. This year, traditional media ad spends are expected to grow by barely 5%, while online ad spends are expected to grow by 52%. Thus film makers really need to take advantage of the internet as it is a very cost-effective media outlet.

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