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Email and SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

January 31, 2010

E-mail and SMS marketing is not just for the big boys. These tools have now been given eminent positions in large and small marketing campaigns. Email marketing in Dubai can be a great way to build customer loyalty. It is one of the best tools among all the SEM services in Dubai. SMS marketing is an area largely untapped because of its price factor. But SMS marketing in Dubai is not a tool meant for premium players. Technology and affordability have opened this medium for small businesses as well.

SMS and emails are great forms of direct marketing. As these forms of marketing involve the permission and acceptance of the receiver, they become target oriented and receptive ways to promote your brand. In other words, since the receiver has asked for updates on your company and its products or services, you will be able to receive better results.

These 2 forms of online marketing in UAE, give your prospects the opportunity to comfortably interact with your company if they need to. This advantage alone, places SMS and email marketing a notch above traditional media. With bulk SMS and email marketing becoming affordable, there is no reason why small businesses must not cease this opportunity. Besides, various companies dealing with online marketing services in Dubai are also springing up. So embrace the value of modern technology with Online Marketing Dubai.

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