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The Idea of an Email Newsletter

December 24, 2009

E-mail newsletters have been part of the many online marketing tools we have been using for over years now. Some companies in Dubai have even stopped using them as they think that this style of advertising has exhausted. Well the truth of the matter is that newsletters are an idea so old that it has reached the point of becoming new all over again. Dubai email marketing services use newsletters till today as they think that this tool has got a whole lot of potential.

But before outsourcing the creation of newsletters to a Dubai internet marketing company, you need to have a good e-mail list of potential customers. That is the main difference between advertising through other methods online and sending newsletters through e- mails. There are many ways to advertise your website. But the newsletter stands out as it can deliver all the information your potential customer would like to know about your product or service in an interesting read. Coupled with relevant graphics a newsletter starts to look like a colorful, one page advertisement but it is actually filled with an important message that you want your target audience to know. Compared to other ways of marketing the newsletter also manages to give you a great response rate.

There is one more advantage when you use a newsletter… You can enclose in them little options like a friendly little button that says ‘share’. Thus your newsletter disseminates through word of mouth.

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Is Your Business Longing For Perfection?

December 17, 2009

Every business (offline or online) likes to be successful and perfect. But the method of gaining success and perfection differs from person to person. Many businessmen and online marketing service experts tend to focus only on their faults and failings, thus forgetting to concentrate on those works, ideas and strategies that have turned out to be a success.

Ignoring the good that has taken place in your campaign can be one of the biggest failings on the part of professional online marketing companies in UAE. It is quiet obvious that when something doesn’t really work out too well, it may not be for you. Similarly, say for instance if maintaining a Facebook profile for your company isn’t really benefitting your online business, then why invest time and money in that direction. In such cases, advertisers might find themselves more at peace if they invested in other online marketing services like SEO services in Dubai.

Large organizations who undergo their own online marketing and research have some how realized that focusing on those strategies that have worked well in the past makes a lot of sense. But many small businesses have not yet broadened their minds to this level. Small businesses who believe or who did believe in making themselves known through the WWW need to understand, that every other marketing tool online might not be their cup of tea.

When you have a wonderful online or offline business that you’re excited to run and publicize, take the help of internet marketing companies in UAE. This way, you’ll be able to figure out what’s right for your business and what’s not. But if you need some e-marketing help right away…contact Online Marketing Dubai.

Nonprofits Online

December 17, 2009

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The employees in non-profit organizations have many duties to fulfill. They also have much to fulfill in a less amount of time. Even though they have busy schedules they still manage to create a website for their organization with the help of web designers and web developers from professional online marketing services in Dubai.

Their efforts at creating an identity for the organization online with the help of a site are highly commendable. But once the website is created they find it awfully difficult to keep updating the site’s content on a regular basis. Well, it is difficult to do that but when you hire content writers and SEO experts in Dubai to do the job, you would really have no worries. Most nonprofits also don’t like considering a blog for the same reason. If you don’t exactly have time to update content on your website, how are you going to manage a blog? But it turns out that writing blogs is much simpler than updating the matter on your website. The CEO of your company could do it.

Why have a blog? Blogs give your audience a chance to interact with your organization on a slightly more informal note. It also doesn’t take much time to maintain a blog and with blog sites becoming more convenient and easy to use you would never encounter problems. If your nonprofit organization is turning away from the idea of creating and maintaining a site and a blog spot through outsourcing for fiscal reasons, talk to the experts at Online Marketing Dubai. They offer budget services and are ideal for publicizing and marketing your organization.

Seeking Customer Feedback

December 10, 2009

Leave no stones unturned when it comes to examining customer feedback- is what Online Marketing Dubai always says.

It does not matter which stage in the life cycle your business is in; every business needs feedback from its customers. If your online website is doing well over the last three months or so, don’t just sit back. Find out what you did different from the last time or why there was an increase in traffic towards your site during that specific period. Sometimes your sales may have increased due to a particular season or occasion happening in the month. So you need to be careful before making judgments about the reasons why your online business has attained success.

According to research customers are most concerned about the honesty involved in marketing. Once they find a reason to lose faith in your company, it will be long until they finally regain it. Remember, that all the possible internet marketing solutions you implement here and there in your campaigns have an effect on the image of your business. So try gaining feedback over specific periods of time from your customers every year.

Feedback can be attained through various ways on your site, it could be coupled with e-mail marketing, etc. Finally all you have to do is collect every response and create an improved strategy based on them. Seeking customer feedback also helps improve damaged reputation. All this and more is possible with the help of online marketing companies in UAE.

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Copywriting in PPC

December 10, 2009

Adwords is not just about including the right keywords. It is more about how brilliantly your copywriter is able to sew those keywords into the ad content. But before you even begin to think about including keywords make sure your content is different and meaning full. Ensure that it is good enough to demand the attention of your consumers. Thus when it comes to dealing with web marketing services the professional copywriter you select for you online marketing needs in UAE should be an SEO expert apart from being a good content writer.

Most people evaluate the goodness of their ad based on whether it looks or reads like one from the particular genre their product belongs to. On that account, almost every PPC ad for insurance delivers the same message. If you want to stand different from your competitors, then you have to choose to portray a different benefit. But at the same time, keep in mind that you shouldn’t sound like you are craving for people to click the ad and enter your site. Try to bring out a different strength or the uniqueness in your product through your ad campaigns and above all, try to change the copy of your ad after specific periods of time to find out which styles worked better.

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Advertising through Social Media

December 3, 2009

Nobody realizes how massive the internet has become. With different social media sites on the loose, the internet has become the best online marketing solution for e-commerce sites. The following facts that we found at supports this statement:

700,000 new members are added on to Facebook everyday and 45 million statuses are updated on a daily basis.

5 million Tweets are being posted per day, which according to the source are enough to fill the New York Times for 19 years!

Yes… Social media was popular in 2009 and will become much more popular as ad networks in 2010. It is time to realize all the potential of this trend and extract, learn and advertise in the right places on the right sites. Take for example a site like Stumbleupon. With its help you can reach a niche audience who will be interested in your site. The visitors here are segregated according to their gender, age, location, etc. Once they click on ‘Stumble’ they are exposed to many different webpage’s and matter that is of their taste. The only thing you need to ensure is that the content you have put up is appropriate for the audience you are waiting to grab or else you might get voted down.

Thus it makes good sense to place your ad budget in some good social media sites and also extract a wealth of data from the people using it. Contact our company Online Marketing Dubai for more ideas on online marketing solutions in UAE.

No Plans for 2010?

December 3, 2009

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As 2010 approaches, every business is likely to be planning their online advertising strategy for the New Year. Your e-commerce website might have earned a lot of profit in 2009, but this doesn’t mean that what worked for you this time will work just as well the next year. This is because time passes by and trends keep changing. So you have got to think about implementing a different e-marketing strategy every year.

As human beings with endless needs, your consumers always want something better than what they have. So they might not end up surfing the same sites, chatting on the same network or buying from the same online portals in 2010. Somebody with better marketing strategies could show up and could ruin your year. Thus it is better to discuss the directions in which you will be allocating your budget for 2010 with online marketing professionals in Dubai. Why let even a penny go in vain when you have web marketing professionals who can help you plan your every e- marketing move?

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