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Email and SMS Marketing for Small Businesses

January 31, 2010

E-mail and SMS marketing is not just for the big boys. These tools have now been given eminent positions in large and small marketing campaigns. Email marketing in Dubai can be a great way to build customer loyalty. It is one of the best tools among all the SEM services in Dubai. SMS marketing is an area largely untapped because of its price factor. But SMS marketing in Dubai is not a tool meant for premium players. Technology and affordability have opened this medium for small businesses as well.

SMS and emails are great forms of direct marketing. As these forms of marketing involve the permission and acceptance of the receiver, they become target oriented and receptive ways to promote your brand. In other words, since the receiver has asked for updates on your company and its products or services, you will be able to receive better results.

These 2 forms of online marketing in UAE, give your prospects the opportunity to comfortably interact with your company if they need to. This advantage alone, places SMS and email marketing a notch above traditional media. With bulk SMS and email marketing becoming affordable, there is no reason why small businesses must not cease this opportunity. Besides, various companies dealing with online marketing services in Dubai are also springing up. So embrace the value of modern technology with Online Marketing Dubai.


Film Makers and the Internet

January 29, 2010

The internet has been used increasingly over the years. Many gates have been opened and many problems have been solved not because of the existence of the internet, but because of its popularity. Likewise, the film industry also has been doing pretty well because of this very phenomenon. The WWW breaks the barrier between films on the big screen and the masses. In this case, online marketing in UAE has been doing well for a long list of reasons.

Advancement in technology has made it so much easier for film makers. Today, viral videos can be placed online very easily without the requirement of skill. Short videos can be displayed for the world to see as YouTube has made this possible. Sites like HungryFlix have also opened up doors for independent film makers.

An online movie promotional strategy in UAE normally includes different web technologies like search engine optimization or SEO services in Dubai. Online Marketing Dubai also has the potential to create websites with great designs and rich content. Banner advertisements and social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc. are also used to promote films.

Ad spends on online marketing are on the rise and are expected to grow considerably. This year, traditional media ad spends are expected to grow by barely 5%, while online ad spends are expected to grow by 52%. Thus film makers really need to take advantage of the internet as it is a very cost-effective media outlet.

For Young Entrepreneurs in UAE

January 28, 2010

What is the meaning of the word ‘entrepreneur’? According to its meaning seems very simple: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. But when it comes to being an entrepreneur of a website there is a lot to manage.

You need to increase your knowledge by another 90% on the media and the industry you will be entering before you can even set foot on initiating one.  But more than that, you will require the support of an online marketing firm in UAE if you are launching a website for the 1st time (as going about your new e-business on your own is hardly advisable).

It is important to create the right kind of content and the perfect design that matches your business. An internet marketing company in Dubai can also help you understand how websites work, how they can get your site noticed, how traffic is diverted to websites, etc .while they help you create a website. Some people launch their website under a parent company that is ready to provide an entire site along with the web design and everything else done for an inexpensive price. But the drawback of such offers is that you could land up having the same web design that 40 other entrepreneurs have, as such companies create web designs in bulk. Having a website that isn’t unique cannot help you as much as a fresh and original website can. So stick to experienced web marketing services like Cosmos Star Consultants to get the job done well and fast.

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“Blogging Can Be Hard”

January 27, 2010

Maintaining a blog can be quite strenuous. There are companies who come across an article on the benefits of blogging, choose a blog site and start blogging instantly. Later, their energy and enthusiasm to write more blogs decreases drastically. In such cases, blog writing not only does nothing for your business, but it also diminishes the credibility of your e-business and your online marketing campaign in UAE.

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Many bloggers are not very consistent at producing blog posts. When you are not very organized and fail to deliver a particular number of blogs to your blog spot every week, it becomes difficult for people to follow your blog. Because followers generally check your blog spot once or twice a week on certain days when they think a new blog might have been posted by you. Updating your blog post fairly, every month also helps your website or e-business spring up higher on search engines. Thus updating your company blog spot provides 2 benefits in 1.

Blogging is not just about adding anything that is related to your site on your blog post. If you might have read some of the best blogs on WordPress or Blogger, you will easily be able to understand why they attract so many readers. Blogs such as those are original…not duplicated or extracted. Thus the reader would definitely stay on and read as the information in that post could not be found elsewhere.

So whenever you consider adding a blog spot to your website, do consider the advice of Dubai internet marketing services. Their way of planning, maintaining and writing blogs will always exceed expectations.

Measurements You Can Count On

December 31, 2009


Small and mid-sized businesses are exploring the internet well.  Many of them are also done with their plans for the New Year too. But how many have crucially analyzed the decisions they made in 2009? With technology evolving since a long time for easier blogging, social connectivity and e-mailing, measuring the impact of your online advertising campaigns is also possible in a comprehensive manner for the sake of advertisers and online marketers in Dubai.

It is wiser to ask your SEO company in Dubai to provide you with the results of the last year before you delve into another campaign in 2010. This is just for your company to understand its successes and failures and improve on them. It is also for your company to check which strategies worked smoothly and which did not work at all. All this can clearly steer your next set of strategies well towards your online customers.

Conversion tracking services are very useful to track whether your customers are actually reading about your service or product, subscribing or ordering it etc. Online tracking services can also tell you who is linking their page to your blog or who is writing about you. There are many ways to measure everything that has been done to promote your brand online. If you want to know or hire those services that will help you know more about what is good for your business, contact our company Online Marketing Dubai. You can find our contact details at

Affordable Marketing for Small Businesses

December 31, 2009

The internet has rapidly thickened from stagnant websites to interactive global platforms. It has become very essential to people not so much as a ‘medium’ like it is for advertisers but as a ‘way of life’. The internet is a world within our world. And once you are hooked on to it there’s no turning back. That is why internet marketing in Dubai gains much attention everyday. More people are drawn towards working with this industry as well.

‘The internet is a very affordable medium’ is what every advertiser realizes after gaining a good return on their ad investments. But as this medium is highly affordable and effective, it suits all small businesses and mid-sized businesses the best. This is not to say that large businesses won’t find success here. It is just that since the WWW is a global platform, small businesses receive the opportunity to stand on par with their larger competitors. In other words the internet makes it seems much fairer to such businesses when it comes to advertising. Thus many small and mid-sized companies think of employing pay per click advertising in Dubai, or SEO expertise in Dubai or banner advertising services in Dubai.

There are many other free tools to promote your online business; but only if you use them yourself: Blogs, social networking, press releases and podcasts. It is but natural to feel like handling a social profile is a bit of a burden when you have a business to care about. If this is the case, you can always contact Online Marketing Dubai. We will be glad to be of service.

Did You Advertise During The Recession?

December 24, 2009

According to research those companies that spent on advertising during the recession period are bound to enjoy higher visibility than the rest. It seems that many businesses in Dubai stopped advertising during the recession in order to save finances, while some others did shell out some amount for advertising through various media like print, radio and the internet. There were some who also spent solely on internet marketing in Dubai through SEO services, SMS marketing, etc.

The only logical explanation left after examining the 2 opposite situations is that, those who were visible to the eye of the audience will have to spend lesser on advertising in 2010. But those who did not do much in 2009 have to struggle against those who already created a space for themselves in the minds of consumers. Thus the trick is to continue advertising no matter what.

Opting for higher search engine positioning was one of the best ideas that many companies pulled up in 2009. Because online advertising is inexpensive and yielding as well, the services of online marketers in Dubai were employed on a large scale.

Creating a space for your brand in the minds of consumers is one of the most difficult things to do. So when you advertise and then take a break from it, you wouldn’t be encouraging people to remember you. Thus the visibility of your brand needs to be treated as an on – going process. This will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors in good and in hard times.

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